Inroduction: SIL-FA120 is a formulation for making silicone rubber/elastomer foam. It is a synergistic blend for controlled foaming and better productivity in silicone rubber/elastomers processes i.e. extrusion and molding processes. It is used for sponge silicone rubber products.

Physical Properties & Chemical Properties:

Appearance : Free flowing powder
Colour : White
Density : 0.9 gm/cc
Particle size LD50 : 8 microns.
pH : 7.0
Mol. Wt. : 164
Water solubility : Insoluble.
Decomposition Temp : 102 Deg. Celsius.


1 Around 126ml/gm gas, for making foam liberated, at STP at 120 degree Celsius. 2-5 PHR is average dosage but it will depend on the density required.


1 It is the ideal chemical foaming agent for producing expanded silicone elastomeric products.
2 Used for silicone thermoplastic and elastic foams and blend of silicone rubber with other thermoplastics or elastomers or rubbers.
3 It is used in silicone roto-molding applications as well.


1 Weight reduction.
2 Raw material savings.
3 Surface finishes and textures.
4 Shock absorbency.
5 Electrical insulation.
6 Permeability.
7 Heat insulation, elasticity.


20 kg is available

Handling & Safety:

1 Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources. After it has been tightly sealed, store the product in a dark and cold indoor area at 10°C or below.
2 Use the product in a well-ventilated area by operating local ventilating equipment in order to prevent any inhaling or absorbing through the skin.
3 Wear eye protection, protective gloves and respiratory protection when handling the product.
4 For an electrostatic prevention, have equipment and devices grounded.
5 Since it is flammable, strictly prohibit the use of fire equipment.
6 Since foreign substance causes decomposition, ensure that dust or other foreign substances are not entered during the mixture.