It is a solution of various reactive siloxanes and silicone resins in a mixture of isoalkanes. It is a formulated silicone based primer for use with a wide range of silicone sealants. It imparts good adhesion to most metals. It is recommended as a primer for use on non porous surfaces.

Physical Properties & Chemical Properties:

Appearance : liquid
Colour : yellowish
Density : 0.76 g/cm3
Viscosity : 1mm2/s
Flash point : 3OC
Ignition temperature : 370oC

How to use:

1 Surfaces to be bonded should be dry and free from grease, oil ,dust and release agents.
2 Non porous substrates ,including that of silicone rubber,could be solvent degreased prior to application.
3 Primer should be applied with a unit –free cloth or paint brush and allowed to dry thoroughly at room temperature for 15 to 45 minutes before applying the sealant.
4 Drying should be carried out in a ventilated area.


1 Used with addition curing silicone rubber from RTV-2 & LSR to achieve adhesion to metallic and non metallic substrates.
2 It may be used to bond these silicone products to metals.


1 Suitable for use with ACC and RTV sealants .
2 Suitable for non porous surface.
3 For use with silicoset 1& Part RTV’s.
4 Provides good resistance to water immersion.


Available in 100 ml, 1 Lt & 20 kg containers.

Handling & Safety:

1 Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources. After it has been tightly sealed, store the product in a dark and cold indoor area at 10°C or below.
2 Use the product in a well-ventilated area by operating local ventilating equipment in order to prevent any inhaling or absorbing through the skin.
3 Wear eye protection, protective gloves and respiratory protection when handling the product.
4 For an electrostatic prevention, have equipment and devices grounded.
5 Since it is flammable, strictly prohibit the use of fire equipment.
6 Since foreign substance causes decomposition, ensure that dust or other foreign substances are not entered during the mixture.