Material Science Research & Development Facility:

Our R & D Centre is equipped with modern research equipment like two glass pilot scale chemical synthesis, one SS 316 pilot scale chemical reactor, upstream & downstream facility and well qualified & experienced people to undertake activites like development of new chemicals, additives and engineering polymer compounds and troubleshooting problems.

Chemical Synthesis Facility:

Fully automated chemical production facility is equipped with six chemical reactors, up-down streams, centrifunges, 4lac Kcal thermopack, team generator, filters etc. Supported by chemical research, chemistry based softwares and chemical engineering technology we are producing polymer additives, modifiers and specialty chemical with capacity of 2400mt per annum.

Lab Scale Polymer Compounding Facility:

We have one coperion twin screw lines fully equipped with necessary downstream & upstream process equipments. All our engineering polymer compounds & advanced modified polymers are subjected to various quality control tests, which ensures a perfect end product. The selection of chemicals /additives is mainly based on their Rheological/Mechanical/Electrical Properties to achieve perfect dispersion in the final products. Online analysis/test ensuring the consistency in the quality of end products. The control of raw materials and findished products & development of new compounds are selected with a computer software and other chemical analytical lab techniques, equipment and instruments like spectrophotometer etc.

Lab Scale Rubber Processing Facility:

We have two kneaders and 2-roll machines for compounding of TPV, TPE, & Rubbers.

Quality Assurance:

MMS has fully equipped lab for quality assurance and zero defect products. Analysis facility includes polymer & chemical properties like. Physical, Chemical, mechanical, electrical , optical & flammable properties of the materials.